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i love this song

i love this song

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 Voy aplicar esta espero no falle…

jajajaja… a mi Veli 

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neotraditional lantern~


make me choose: cordeliaburkle asked cordelia chase or fred burkle

aaaaahhhhh! angel 

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Response to #keepwritingpostcards number 61 —signs and superstitions— sender unknown

i heart mail art


Recieved: Mute Sound - Pedro Bericat - PO Box 4033 - 50080 Zaragoza Spain - 

great all round artist working on recycled materials and usually, pen


photos by klaus echle, a forest ranger in germany’s black forest who came to gain the trust of this young female red fox. but after six months, at the start of the mating season, she disappeared. “i still miss seeing her,” he said. 

awww little foxie lady

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Bought every corgi card the dollar store had!!!!!!

i would do the same….!